Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Book Review: Conflicts of Interest in the Practice of Law: Causes and Cures

Intapp principal consultant and legal industry veteran Alexa Kokinos writes in with her review of Richard E. Flamm's latest: "Conflicts of Interest in the Practice of Law: Causes and Cures" [direct link to complete review] [publisher's web site] --
  • "In Conflicts, Flamm surveys the development of conflicts of interest in the United States as a history where simple principles confront the complexity of facts, circumstances and interpretation."
  • "Conflicts offers a comprehensive, extensively researched examination of ten different aspects of conflicts rules and law, ranging from 'Concurrent Conflicts of Interest' to 'Conflicts Involving Former Clients,' 'Attorney-Client Relationships,' and 'Consent.'"
  • "Model Rule 1.9 on conflicts involving former clients, for example, states that a lawyer shall not 'knowingly represent a person in the same or substantially related matter.'"
  • "Flamm devotes two chapters overviewing how federal and state courts interpret 'substantially' and 'related' differently. When considering whether a conflict arises with prospective clients, a party alleging a conflict claim is expected to show that counsel went beyond 'initial and peripheral contacts' by acquiring confidential information that could be 'significantly harmful' to the prospective client."

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