Thursday, December 8, 2016

VIDEO: Law Firm Perspective: Risk Case Study

Here's a seven minute video interview of Andy Jurczyk, CIO of Seyfarth Shaw on his firm's investment in risk technology:

Intapp Open — A Journey Forward
  • "We just recently finished the Open implementation, and finally brought our new business intake process into the electronic world, and the workflow associated with that, which is a project that went great."
  • "We originally had a contract with The Frayman Group, and we were ready to roll out our workflow software, and the acquisition happened. Of course, there's always questions about what's going to happen next. We had a number of Intapp meetings, and agreed on a delivery schedule and resource allocation to complete the project. Everything went great from that point on. We had some good resources that were applied."
Intapp Open — In Practice
  • "We finally finished the workflow and programming associated with the open product, and chose our Boston office as our pilot. Our Boston office is a little bit challenging because of some of the work that we do and the volume of the matters that get opened up in that office."
  • "We thought that would be great from a stress test perspective, and we rolled it out, and everybody loved it. It had more requirements, from a data collection perspective, which we thought we'd get some pushback on, but just the opposite happened. It was easy. It gave people insight into the matter opening process. They knew what the status was, where it was going."
  • "We still thought: 'Well, I wonder if that's an anomaly. Let's roll out another office,' and we went to the other side of the coast to our West Coast office, with the same results. Everybody was very happy about the product and welcomed it. We just finished the rollout firm wide, and it's been accepted, and everybody has provided very positive input for it. I'd think the value of the workflow is important for us."
On Intapp
  • "Intapp is one of those companies that I think is easy to do business with. In my role, I spend a lot of time with a lot of companies and a lot of people that run those companies, and one of the most impressive thing, for me, is the focus on the client at all levels from all personnel within the firm. It's a very well run company. It's easy to do business with. There's a lot of transparency on current product and future product, and so you have a good feel for what they're working on, where they're going, and that personally helps me strategically in budgets and being able to determine what the next steps are for our business and where we're going to take it."

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