Wednesday, May 10, 2017

More Risk Dreams...

Looking forward to seeing many readers next week at Intapp Inception. As always, if we cross paths, please feel free to say hello and attempt the secret risk blog handshake:
Well, maybe we should work on something a little more legal feeling... (How does one represent rules of professional responsibility
As noted previously, we have some great risk content in the works. I’ve been able to sit on a few panel prep calls and have been really impressed with the diversity of experience and insights the community is bringing to bear.
(This week there was one panelist who asked if the "gloves were off" in terms of being able to deliver uncensored opinion and commentary... We said yes. Perhaps not the best risk management decision, but definitely the right call for engaging and compelling content.)
We're also pleased to welcome several sponsors and partners who will be delivering sessions of their own design during mealtimes. I recently highlighted the Paragon track on cyber insurance.

Here are some others worth noting:
  • Tuesday Breakfast : American LegalNet. Best Practices in Calendar Management Workflows to Reduce Risk and Increase Efficiency 
  • In order to increase partner profitability, firms are focusing on efficiency. This means lower staffing ratios and greater centralization of functions. American LegalNet will discuss this development as it pertains to calendaring and docketing, specifically focusing on the move toward greater specialization and how it results in improved operations for many firms.

  • Wednesday Breakfast : Aurora North. Subject Matter Conflicts of Interest in Intellectual Property 
  • In this session, Becky Cacaci, Conflicts, Compliance and Records Attorney from Smith Moore Leatherwood, will join Aurora North Software to discuss techniques and best practices for spotting potential subject matter conflicts in transactional matters.

  • Wednesday Breakfast : Pinnacle. Making Better Decisions by Improving Data Quality in and with Intapp Flow and Intapp Open 
  • This session will focus on using the Intapp Open and Intapp Flow systems for data quality and stewarding. Pinnacle International Consulting will demonstrate how Intapp Open and Intapp Flow can be used to cleanse data in the PMS, particularly in preparing to migrate from Elite Enterprise.  We will also show how external data providers can be integrated to improve data quality and to drive risk assessment and client due diligence.
  • FileTrail (Lunch on Wednesday & Thursday): Future-Proof Your Law Firm's Records Management Software.
  • Being well-informed is the first step towards protecting law firms against future information governance risk. Don't miss out on the session "A Compelling Business Case for Deploying a New Records Management System." 
  • In this session, noted expert Patrick Tisdale will share his insights into how the most successful law firms take charge of this reponsibility, highlighing the process behind Dentons' recent decision to invest in and implement new records management software. He'll also cover how to law firms can ensure compliance with a range of outsides parties' needs (e.g., Outside Council Guidelines), as well as factors that will impact whether software works within their current ecosystems today and far into the future.
  • Patrick notes: "I am looking forward to meeting with law firm colleagues, and discussing how client expectations and regulatory demands are rapidly reshaping the nature of information governance as it has been practiced in firms - and the business transformation required to satisfy these demands."

  • Thursday Breakfast : Dun & Bradstreet. Beneficial Ownership - Why the Devil Really is in the Detail 
  • Do you know really your customers and suppliers? Are you confident your customer, supplier and partner data is robust enough to make your business compliant? Beneficial Ownership regulations are now placing enormous responsibility on businesses to truly understand the ultimate ownership of the organizations that they deal with. In this complex and rapidly evolving regulatory environment having the data to help your business make commercially sound and compliant decisions is critical. Join us to learn about rapidly changing regulatory landscape on Beneficial Ownership and how data and analytics can help you meet these changes.

  • Thursday Lunch: DocuSign. Intapp & DocuSign: Automate Client Intake and Improve Compliance with eSignature 
  • Learn how to use the pre-built integration between Intapp and DocuSign to reduce overall compliance risk, increase internal efficiencies and drastically improving overall client satisfaction. This session will include a working demonstration of the solution and in-depth discussion of eSignature legality and compliance. Learn how and why most of the Am Law 200 use eSignature today and will use it in the future.

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